Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts?
Tryouts will be held on two consecutive days in August.  Generally we tee off in the afternoon.  Your golfer should have walked 18 holes multiple times (or multiple 9-hole rounds) to prepare for the heat.  We will send out an email before the end of the school year with the dates and times.

What does my child need to score to be able to make the team?
We don’t set parameters on scoring but expect the golfers to exhibit knowledge of the game including basic skills (setup, swing, etc.) and basic rules.  Our cuts are typically dictated by how many golfers we have trying out.

When and how often do you practice during the school year?
We practice Monday through Thursday (beginning 4th period) with Friday serving as our study hall period.  Our practices can go up until 6:00pm depending on 9-hole play days depending on how busy the golf course is but generally end between 4:30pm and 5:30pm.

Do you provide transportation?
We do not provide transportation.  At our first meeting after tryouts parents have an opportunity to meet each other and discuss carpooling.  We have never had an issue where a golfer could not get to practice regularly.

What can we do to prepare for tryouts?
Keep working!  With several months between now and tryouts your golfer has quite a bit of time to work on their game.  Additionally, we recommend they play a tournament or two (if they do not already do that) to help prepare them for tryouts.  Check out our website for information about local tours.

We made the team!  Now what?
We will have a new-golfer only meeting before the school year begins.  At that time we will share our practice schedule, team handbook, uniform fees, and other pertinent information.  The meeting will be during the week in the evening.  We will send out an email with the details as we get closer to that date.

We didn’t make the team.  Now what?
We only have tryouts once a year unless a golfer moves in to our district.  We encourage your golfer to keep working hard and to tryout again the following summer.

What do we do next?
Contact Coach Bailey to request to be added to our tryouts email list.  We will send out more detailed information about tryouts including dates, times, and location in May.