Digital copies are accepted. If you prefer, you may e-mail your physical to

NO PHYSICAL = NO PARTICIPATION. If you do not have a new physical on file, you will not be allowed to tryout or participate in anyway.

New Players

If you are not currently on the team and plan on trying out, please follow the link below. This will ensure that we have your contact information and will also help us make tee times.

Returning Player Guidelines

2018-2019 Season

Exemption information for sophomores, juniors, and seniors: There are 3 ways in which a player can become exempt from day 1 of tryouts

·      Finish in the top 20 at the Region or State Tournament

·      Play in a minimum of six 18-hole tournaments throughout the summer.

·      Shooting the designated score listed below in a minimum of three 18-hole tournament rounds this summer



All tournament rounds must be a minimum of 18 holes.  Tournaments must be played in an AJGA, TJGT, or a comparable tour (Texas-Oklahoma, Starburst, etc.).  No exceptions. Check with Coach Bailey or Coach Margraves regarding any tournaments you are interested in playing that are not mentioned above.

Any scores not entered a week or prior to tryouts will not be accepted (unless the tournament is that week).